Bring the Conversation to Your [Virtual] Classroom

If you are being asked to teach online, Teaching American History can help you plan for the new reality.

Connect to Our Community

Want to share a great idea you’ve come up with for your online classes? Or hear from others about how they are facing the challenge? As a community of practice, TAH offers teachers space to learn from and encourage one another in our Facebook groups.

You can also check out our blog series Teaching Online with TAH for interviews with members of our community who have experience bringing our document collections into their digital classrooms.

Create and Share Custom Document Collections

Our free and easy to use feature, Create Your Own Document Collection, allows you to create a document collection of primary sources and share it with your students via learning management systems like Google Classroom, Schoology or Blackboard. This FREE service makes it simple to locate primary sources for particular lessons and share them when students need them.

Documents and Discussion Questions

Our Core Document Collections bring together primary sources on selected topics in American history from the Founding through the Cold War. Each volume includes a variety of documents, study questions and supplemental resources to help make it easy for you to engage students in analyzing these texts. These are available as PDFs, or in paperback in our bookstore.

Of special interest is our two-volume set, Documents and Debates in American History which provides groups of related documents that address the essential questions high school students of American history frequently raise about 29 different time periods. 

We have gathered copies of the document packets and discussion questions for several of our most popular seminar topics related to American history and government below. Each one consists of three sets of primary source readings related to a different theme, event, or idea in American history, along with discussion questions created by our scholars.

We the Teachers Podcast

Are you looking for content-rich audio resources to share with your students? Did you know Teaching American History has over seven years of archived webinars?

Student Webinars

Every month the Ashbrook Center hosts a free webinar for high school students to discuss one of the 50 Core American Documents.  One of our faculty members will lead a conversation with students from across the country, getting to the bottom of what makes these documents important in American History and helping students gain a better understanding of their meaning.

Presidential Academy

This archive gathers readings, guiding questions, and lectures from one of our first and most popular teacher programs. Organized around three essential texts from three critical moments in American history, each session examines readings that illuminate the issues at stake in one of those moments.

American History Toolkits

These topically-focused collections are made up of resources from around the site, and organized to provide for easy access to a variety of materials for teachers.